Does Your Belt Need Tightening?

If your engine’s serpentine belt breaks or slips, you’re going to be searching for a Madison auto repair shop.

One part that almost every car engine has is a serpentine belt, which is responsible for making sure other parts run. It’s so essential that, if the belt breaks, your car stops. It’s that simple. You won’t be going to work. You won’t be dropping the kids off at school. And you won’t be going to the Zoo to see the red panda play in the snow.

“Serpentine belt problems usually result from one of three causes: a defective belt tensioner; misalignment of a pulley; or, defective bearings in the tensioner, idler, or one of accessories driven by the belt (including the water pump),” according to Car Tech’s auto books and manuals.

Many times, however, the serpentine belt will warn you that something’s wrong by making noises – chirping, squealing or grinding, for example – that can also be used to tell where the problem might be coming from. Other times, the only way to tell the belt is getting ready to fail is by eyeballing it for frayed edges, say. And, then, there’s the awful time when it simply slips off with no apparent warning.

The best way to tell if you’re about to have belt problems is to have an auto mechanic in Madison, like those at Terry’s Car Care take a look to see if everything appears to be okay. It’s a normal part of our car maintenance routine. If you need a new belt and a tensioner, Terry’s has a money-saving coupon: $25 off a belt and tensioner. But the deal is only good until the end of this month, which is this week. So, if you think you might have belt problems, now’s the time to get it fixed.

Terry’s Car Care is locally owned and conveniently located in the isthmus. We’ve been the trusted Madison auto repair and new tire sales shop for more than 46 years.

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