Burn Out Isn’t Just for Stressed Humans

Constant Pressure Can Burn Out Your Valves.

One of the most important components of your engine is the valve – or valves, because there are more than one. Valves are the gizmos that allow the correct mixture of air and fuel to get into (and out of) the combustion chambers in your car or truck engine. If they go bad, it’s major trouble, from reduced power to increased fuel consumption to complete engine failure.

Valves can go bad for many reasons. They can: become bent or broken from the constant pressure; burn out; be impaired by a defect in the manufacturing process; contain impurities in the metal; be the result of a broken or improperly maintained timing belt; suffer from dirty oil; or undergo abnormally high operating pressures, according to aa1car.com.

If you have valve problems, you don’t want to mess around. You need experienced, certified mechanics – like the ones at Terry’s Car Care – to help you. Not only can we repair or replace your valves, we can find out what caused them to fail and fix the underlying cause.

As aa1car.com warns, “Valve work can be a tricky aspect of engine rebuilding for several reasons. For one, it requires absolute precision. Close enough is not good enough. If tolerances are not exact and the valve train geometry is not right on you are going to have problems. Guaranteed.

“Valve work also requires attention to detail. The kind of details we are talking about here are worn parts that appear to be okay but are not and need to be reconditioned or replaced. … Not being too particular about the condition of the valve stems, guides, keepers, retainers, springs, rocker arms and pushrods can lead to trouble. Not checking details like installed valve stem height, installed spring height, stem-to-guide clearance, seat width and contact, rocker arm alignment, and so on will get you every time.

“What is more, valve work often requires a certain amount of detective work. To fix a valve problem, you first have to figure out what caused it in the first place.”

Terry’s fills the bill every time. So, if your engine begins losing power, your gas mileage drops, or your engine fails, bring your car or truck to us. We’ll find the problem and soon have you on your way to Circus World in Baraboo to forget your auto troubles.

For Bent or Burnt Valves, Come to Terry’s. We Can Help With That!

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