You Can’t Get There if Your Car Won’t Steer

Steering problems? Time to find an auto mechanic and Madison auto repair shop.

When you were driving the kids to Winter Wonder Week at the Children’s Museum yesterday, you noticed that your steering seemed a bit stiff. It didn’t alarm you because, well, because everything’s a bit stiffer in really cold weather. But the more you think about it, the more you wonder if you should be concerned.

You probably should be. As explains, if your steering becomes stiff when you’re driving slowly in cold weather, then it’s an indication that your power steering pump could be failing. Other symptoms you might notice include whining, squealing or groaning noises. And, if you don’t get an immediate response when driving slowly and turning the wheel in either direction to make a turn, that’s another sign.

Time to bring your car to Terry’s Car Care to let our ASE-certified auto mechanics have a look. We’ve been the trusted Madison auto repair and new tire sales shop for more than 46 years. While you’re here, ask about our money-saving deal on tires – a coupon for a mail-in rebate for up to $160 on Goodyear tires. But hurry, you have to come in by Wednesday to get the savings.

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