Car or Truck Developed a Mind of Its Own?

It could be your power steering.

Many times, it takes a long, complicated explanation to describe what function is performed by a specific part in your car or truck engine. That’s not true of power steering, however. It’s the hydraulic or electric system that makes your car obey when you tell it to go somewhere. And it’s pretty clear when one or more of the components completely fails: Your vehicle becomes hard, or even impossible, to steer. But sometimes – if your power steering pump, for example – starts to go out, you get some warning. As explains: “Power steering pumps that are developing problems have a tendency to make noise. Power steering pumps have been known to whine, grind, howl and bubble. If you hear the power steering pump making any kind of noise, you should take your car to a mechanic. You will know it is the power steering making the noise if you can sit at a stop with your vehicle idling and the noise increases when you turn the wheel to the right or left.”

Many times, a problem with the power steering can be detected during routine maintenance – low power steering fluid could be an early indicator of a leak. But, if steering starts to become a little hairy on your way to the Madison Children’s Museum, you probably want to head over to Terry’s Car Care and have our experienced, certified mechanics take a look.

Terry’s Can Help You With That Power Steering Problem!

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