Check This Out

When the “check engine” light flashes on, most drivers cringe.

One of the things you really wanted to do this weekend is to go out to the Dane County Regional Airport for Heavy Bombers Weekend with its vintage planes, tours and plane rides. And you really didn’t want to miss Lt. Col. Dick Cole, who was not only a member of Doolittle’s Raiders but was Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot in World War II when the U.S. bombed Japan in retribution for Pearl Harbor.

So when you noticed this morning that your “check engine” light was on, you had more than the usual feeling of “OH, NO!” Your next thought may have been to ignore it. (Maybe it will go away.) You’re not alone in that. says some people ignore it because they’re afraid of an expensive repair. Others – especially owners of older cars and trucks – may figure their engine is doomed anyway so they should get as many miles out of it as possible before it finally dies.

But that’s a bad decision. First, the light could be faulty and nothing is really wrong with your engine, so you’ve fretted over nothing. Second, it could be an indication your gas cap is loose. But it could also mean something is more seriously wrong with your emissions system or your engine. Ignoring those could lead to more expensive repairs, says.

So, before you go to the airport, you want to stop by Terry’s Car Care and have our certified mechanics see what’s causing the light to come on. It may be nothing. Or it might be an indication of worse trouble that we can catch and fix before your engine undergoes a catastrophic problem.

Let Terry’s Check Your Engine For You!

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