Keep Things Cool

If you see a puddle under your car or truck, you need to find a Madison auto shop so a mechanic can check things out in case it’s something major.

It’s the last Monday of September, which means the Madison Children’s Museum is open. You were planning to take the kids after school, but this morning you noticed a puddle under your car or truck. You’re thinking maybe you should swing by Terry’s Car Care instead, just to make sure it’s nothing serious.

You’re right to think that you should let Terry’s ASE-certified auto mechanics check things out. It might be something small, like a leaking radiator hose. Or, it could be something, like a failing water pump, that could turn into something much more serious. The water pump circulates coolant between the radiator and engine to keep things from overheating. And, as says, “If a car overheats, significant and costly damage can occur to the engine. From piston damage to a blown head gasket, knowing the signs of a bad water pump can save you thousands.”

Whether your auto repair is minor or major, Terry’s is the place to go in Madison. We’ve been providing truck and car care for 46 years. We’ll check out your cooling system and make sure it’s in top working condition before you get back on the road again.

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