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Regular auto air service in Madison will help keep your car cool even during the hottest days.

You’re headed to Olin Park this weekend for the Paddle and Portage fest. Even if you’re not doing any paddling and only planning to watch, you know you’re going to end up hot and sweaty at the end of the day. (Cheering people on is such hard work! And, then, there’s the music you can sway to.) So you want to make sure your car air conditioning is working its best.

You likely won’t have to worry about that if you’ve taken the advice of Motoring About and had your auto air service done at the beginning of the summer. Motoring About says it’s a good idea to try to have auto air service done annually “before the hotter months start, as this will ensure that you are not caught out by a sudden heat wave at the start of the season.”

The site says it’s also important to make sure your air conditioning refrigerant levels are checked each time you get an oil change and have other regular maintenance done on your car. Again, it helps make sure your car air conditioning is working when you need it most.

The company to see in Madison for auto air service or auto air repair is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been the trusted auto air repair and auto air service shop in Madison for almost 50 years. Our certified auto mechanics are skilled in all levels of car repair and tire service. Terry’s is here to serve you.

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