Hear That Engine Roar!

But if the roaring is too loud, you might need to get your muffler and exhaust system checked out.

Heading out to watch the Badgers in this weekend’s home opener? Be sure and check out improvements to Camp Randall Stadium, like free WiFi, 700-plus TVs, improved cell service and new food vendors. Oh, and there’s the game, of course.

And with all the noise before, during and after the game, it’s unlikely people will notice that deep, grumbling noise coming from your car or truck. Unfortunately, your neighbors aren’t so understanding. Sounds like your exhaust system and muffler need a checkup. And you shouldn’t put if off, according to Angie’s List:

“Putting off exhaust repairs almost always costs more than addressing them promptly. Because your exhaust system does more than just keep your car quiet – it also routes exhaust fumes away from the cabin, helps your engine run properly and maintain optimum fuel efficiency, and reduces polluting emissions. … Having the exhaust repaired before it gets too loud offers the most benefit to you. Delaying a needed car exhaust repair can make it cost more. That is because continuing to drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other things in your vehicle’s operating system. Don’t just turn up the radio to drown out the rumbling noise. Have the increased volume problem checked out and repaired by a professional. It will save you money in the long run.”

Of course, the place to take your vehicle is Terry’s Car Care. Our trained, experienced auto mechanics have been repairing vehicles for 46 years in Madison. We’re known not only for auto repair, but for our customer care and as THE place to buy tires in Dane County. If you have to get to work or someplace else, don’t worry, we’ll take you so your day is uninterrupted while we care for your car or truck.

Let Terry’s ASE-certified auto mechanics help you with those auto repairs!

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