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If you smell something funny in your car or it doesn’t cool you off, you may need a Madison auto air repair pro.

As the summer has gotten hotter, you’ve noticed that your auto air conditioning doesn’t seem to be functioning very well. It’s still cooling things. Or at least it’s cool enough that you’re not arriving at your destination dripping with sweat. But it’s not as comfortable as it could be. You’re not really sure if you should get it checked out or not.

Taking your car for auto air service is probably a good idea. It may cool you enough so you don’t arrive at your destination in a disheveled condition. But, what about when you climb in your car after an event like the Cannonball Run or after wandering around Art Fair on the Square? Is it working well enough to make you comfortable on the trip home? Not only that, delaying auto air service can cost you down the road.

Cars4keeps points out that “faulty air conditioners can cause bigger damage to your car down the road if left unattended. An air conditioner running low on coolant, on dirty coolant on faulty electrical wiring can end up ruining the entire air conditioning compressor. Car air conditioners are connected to the rest of the vehicle’s electrical system, meaning a surge or problem with the air conditioner can cause problems with the rest of the car, causing poor idling, fuel inefficiencies or drained batteries.”

Cars4keeps lists symptoms that indicate you need auto air repair:

  • “If the AC system doesn’t produce cold air (duh)
  • “If the fan or blower doesn’t work
  • “If the fan, blower or AC is noisy when turned on
  • “If one of the dashboard controls malfunctions
  • “If the vent, car heater or defroster are having problems working correctly
  • “If the air conditioning smells funky
  • “If the car has a tendency to overheat
  • “If the air filter or dryer have never been replaced, or if the AC has never been serviced before.”

If you need auto air service or auto air repair in Madison, the place to bring your car is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been the trusted auto air repair and tire service expert in the isthmus for almost 50 years. Be sure to ask about our money-saving discounts on certain car repairs.

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