Muffle That Car Noise

If your car is too noisy, it’s time to find auto repair in Madison to fix that muffler.

Remember playing with toy cars when you were a child? You’d get down on the floor and make loud “VROOM, VROOM!” noises. You might have discovered early on that hearing that constant VROOMING didn’t impress your mom a whole lot and she’d end up telling you to PLAY QUIETLY.

Now you’re an adult and you’re discovering that loud vrooming noises aren’t appreciated by your friends and neighbors. And they’re not buying your argument that you’re going to supply the tornado sound for the Wizard of Oz. They just want your car to be quiet.

Noises from your car can indicate that you have a bad muffler.

“A low booming sound or a hiss signal a bad muffler,” says. “Investigate any rattling sounds, as well. Any loud noises should be checked by yourself or a professional. If your muffler usually makes a bit of noise, pay attention to any increases in decibel, as this is also a symptom of a muffler in need of repair.”

Of course, the best place to come when you need a professional auto mechanic in Madison to check out your muffler (or any other automotive system) is Terry’s Car Care. We’re locally owned and are conveniently located in the isthmus near business and shopping districts. We’ve been the trusted Madison auto repair and new tire sales shop for more than 46 years. And now’s a good time to come see us with your muffler woes – we have a $30 prepaid VISA card with the purchase of a qualifying NAPA muffler.

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