Putter, Sputter

If your car or truck has a bad exhaust valve, you’re going to need an auto mechanic in Madison who’s skilled at auto repairs.

The World Dairy Expo is in town and you were thinking about swinging by to see the thousands of cows and bulls that are in Madison for the occasion, but you’re thinking twice about it because your car or truck isn’t doing so well. It’s hard to get it started, and, once it does start, it just doesn’t seem to have as much power as it should. And you don’t like that puffing or puttering sound the engine is making.

It’s time to drop into Terry’s Car Care and have our ASE-certified auto mechanics look at your exhaust valves. Exhaust valves allow burnt exhaust gases from a vehicle’s engine cylinder to escape, according to ehow.com. They’re susceptible to failure because of the hot gases running through them. The experts at Terry’s, Madison’s auto repair and tire care shop of choice for 46 years, can test your valves and make sure they’re operating at peak performance. If not, Terry’s can replace those valves and have you on your way again.

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