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You can make your battery last so that you don’t have to hunt for a Madison auto mechanic so often.

You’re planning to go see vintage cars this weekend at the Subaru FL4TFEST amd that’s got you thinking about the way some people can keep their cars running for years. That’s a feat you find amazing because you can’t even seem to get your battery to last more than a day or so after the warranty expires, or so it seems.

Assuming there’s nothing wrong that’s causing your car to suck the life out of your battery, AAA has some suggestions to help prolong battery life. Among them:

“Keep the battery terminals clean and have them inspected regularly for corrosion.

“Start the car before operating accessories and drive it to allow the battery to get topped off by your vehicle’s alternator, which produces electricity and charges the battery after voltage drops. …

“Regularly check your car battery’s water level indicator, which will alert you when your battery needs more water. Be sure to use distilled water.

“Avoid frequent short trips in the car. …

Do not overcharge your battery. Lead-acid batteries that overcharge can release potentially explosive oxygen and hydrogen gases. And it also leads to decomposition of the water in the battery, causing it to prematurely age.”

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