A Shaky Steering Wheel Needs to Be Fixed Now

It could be a sign your tie rods are about to fail.

Many of us take lots of things for granted when we drive our cars or trucks. One of them is that the vehicle will go where we tell it to. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes parts of the steering system – like the tie rods – fail. Tie rods basically “tie” or unite the front wheels so they work in unison and aren’t interfered with by the vehicle’s suspension. But, like we said, sometimes they fail and they often give some warning signs, according to ehow.com: shaky steering wheel, vibrating car and uneven tire wear.

If you think your tie rods may be about to go, you need to get to Terry’s Car Care as quickly as possible to let our certified mechanics repair or replace them and get you safely on the road again. Because here’s the ugly truth – if your tie rods go, you’re not going to be able to steer, even to travel the 11 or so miles to Verona Hometown Days. So having Terry’s fix your tie rods or other steering problems is a matter of safety – yours, your passengers’ and other drivers’.

Let Terry’s Help You With Those Tie Rods!

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