Steamy Times for Your Engine

If your water pump goes, you need to get it fixed asap or it could mean catastrophic damage for your engine and major auto repair.

School’s back in session and, now that you’ve got the kids packed off, you’ve decided to celebrate by hitting a bucket of balls at Vitense Golfland before you head off to work. But your car or truck isn’t cooperating this morning. You’d noticed a bit of fluid on the ground when it had been parked awhile and a funny noise coming from your engine. You ignored those with a mental promise to get them looked at soon. Soon has become now because your engine is overheating. It sounds as if your water pump is failing. That’s not something you can – or should – ignore. explains: “The water pump provides movement, pressure and flow to the engine coolant. This is important because the engine coolant is used to remove the heat of combustion from internal engine components. … Heat from combustion must not be allowed to build up because it can damage and warp solid metal components. On modern engines the importance for heat removal has increased, because many of the engine components are made from aluminum instead of cast-iron. Aluminum engine parts have a low tolerance for high temperatures. Car owners with these modern power plants should understand the importance of overheating and the possibility of costly and catastrophic damage if they continue to drive.”

You need to take your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care. We’ve been providing auto repair services in Madison for the past 46 years. Our auto mechanics are ASE-certified and experienced with all types of engines from traditional gas to hybrid to electric. We can repair or replace your water pump and have you on the road again in no time.

Let Terry’s Help You With All Your Auto Repair Needs in Madison!

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