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Even if you don’t need auto air repair in Madison, you can help your a/c function at top level with these five tips.

With school over for the year and Madison’s beaches and Goodman pool open, can anyone doubt that summer is here? As the summer goes on, the temperatures will rise. That means a lot of days climbing into a car that’s been baking in the hot sun for hours while you work. Then, of course, there are the road trips with the heat rising from the road and the sun beating down on you and your passengers. You definitely want to make sure your car a/c is working.

Even if you don’t need auto air repair, you want to make sure the a/c is functioning at its best. Here are some tips from the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide to help keep your car cool all summer long:

  1. If you can, leave the windows down slightly when you’re parked on hot days. “An a/c system works by removing heat, so the cooler the interior is to start with, the easier and faster the a/c will do its job,” the society says.
  2. When you first get in the car, open all the windows completely, or even open the doors, for a moment to quickly vent the hot air out.
  3. “When you first turn the a/c on, set the controls to MAX or REC and use highest blower speed. This moves the greatest volume of air and re-circulates it for even faster cool-down.  As soon as you are comfortable, switch the system to NORM or OUTSIDE or FRESH, and select a lower fan speed. The lower blower speed produces colder air from the system.
  4. “Does your cool air have a bad odor, perhaps like ‘dirty socks’ or a gym locker? Remember to set the system to the OUTSIDE air mode (not REC) frequently to help prevent or lessen this problem.”
  5. If you have an automatic temperature control system, read your owner’s manual. Automatic systems operate differently than manual systems and you need to understand how yours works. “With most automatic systems,” the society says, “the quickest cool-down comes by setting the temperature as low as it will go at first, then adjusting it later to occupant comfort.”

If these tips don’t help cool your car, then you might need a/c service or auto air repair. If so, the place to call in Madison is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been the trusted garage for auto air service and a/c repair for more than 50 years. Terry’s is also the trusted shop for all auto repairs and tire maintenance in Madison. When you’re here, ask about our money-saving discounts on oil changes and certain car repairs.

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