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For the best driving performance, make sure your tires fit your car and driving style in Madison.

The real horse power this weekend in Madison is over at the Alliant Center where the Midwest Horse Fair is taking place. If you go and watch any events, you might be interested to see that, while most of the horses are wearing metal shoes, each set of shoes is different. They’re kind of like the tires on your car. The correct shoe depends on the horse and what his job is – a jumper uses one kind of shoe; a barrel racer, another. And, those shoes are frequently changed as they wear out or the horse’s hoof changes or grows or as the horse’s type or level of work changes.

Again, it’s like the tires on your car.

You need to make sure you have the right tires for your car and driving style – snow tires in Madison’s winter; summer, or all-season, tires after the snow’s melted; off-road tires for your ATV when you’re slogging around in the mud. Like a horse owner who talks with his blacksmith about his steed’s needs, you need to talk to your Madison tire service expert about your car’s needs.

The best place in Madison to talk tires is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has had almost 50 years providing tire service, tire repair and new tire sales to Madison’s drivers. We carry all makes, sizes and styles of tire to fit any car or any driving style. We even carry two of the most technologically advanced tires on the market – Kelly’s Edge and Dunlop’s Signature HP. So come on in for some tire talk. We’re here to help!

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