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If you’re searching for that perfect Father’s Day gift in Madison, think about getting him a set of tires.

If you’re planning a memorable Father’s Day weekend, you have a lot of events on the menu from the Isthmus Jazz Fest to the Dragon boat races and everything in between. But while there’s a lot going on in Madison to keep Dad entertained, you might be having a bit more trouble finding a gift for him.

Here’s one thought: Borrow his car, swing by Terry’s Car Care and have a set of new tires installed. He’ll be really surprised. If he won’t let you use his car, you can always swing by Terry’s and get a gift certificate for a set of tires.

It might sound a bit, well, dull, to give Dad a set of tires. But it’s really a thoughtful gift that shows your love. As Car Talk explains, “Checking your tires is crucial in the summer. Long road trips with humongous loads and high temperatures can stress your Goodyears to the max. And, obviously, if the tires go, you go!”

Terry’s is the place in Madison to get your tires. Terry’s, locally owned and located in the isthmus, has been known as the trusted company for new tires, tire service, tire repair and tire maintenance for almost 50 years. Terry’s stocks all brands and sizes of tires to fit Dad’s car and his driving needs. (Terry’s can also fit your car and your driving needs.) We have the two most technologically advanced tires on the market – the Edge by Kelly and the Signature HP by Dunlop.

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