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Buying tires can be tiresome. Here are some tips for choosing new tires in Madison.

You’re spending this week driving the kids back and forth to Taliesin for the city planning day camp. When you and the kids climbed in the car this morning, you noticed your tires seemed a bit low. On closer inspection, you realized that they are pretty well worn out and it’s time to get a new set. Your impulse might be simply to pull into the first tire store you pass and buy a tire or two. But that wouldn’t be wise, according to CNN. You need to be more selective when it comes to choosing tires.

“A well-selected and maintained tire can contribute greatly to your safety, increased fuel economy, better handling and stopping in all road conditions as well as providing greater comfort and ride quality,” CNN says.

CNN offers these tire care tips from AOL Autos: Things to know about tires:

  • Make sure your car is in good shape. … If you put a new set of tires on a misaligned car, or one with bad shocks, you’re throwing money away. The new tires will wear quickly and unevenly, and you’ll need another set in a hurry. …
  • Buy a full, matching set. Though you may be tempted to cut corners, and just replace the tire(s) that is/are most worn, modern suspension technology is designed to work best with a matching set of tires. By replacing all four at once, you’ll be able to maintain your tires better …, evaluate and repair suspension problems before they become major, and achieve the highest degree of safety and predictable handling. …
  • Check on your spare. This is a great time to have your spare tire inspected, and replaced if necessary. …
  • Maintain your new tires. Check for proper inflation on a regular basis. Keeping your tires properly inflated will improve your gas mileage and will greatly improve your tires’ longevity.”

The place to go in Madison for new tires is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been the trusted shop in Madison for car care, new tires, tire service and tire repair for almost 50 years. Terry’s carries all brands, sizes and styles of tires to fit any car or any driving need. We also have the two most technologically advanced tires on the market, the Kelly Edge and the Dunlop Signature HP.

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