Tiresome Tires

Maintaining your tires will save money and keep your car or truck safer.

You’ve decided that, since summer will soon be over, you want to do something a bit different. So you’ve decided to drive up to New Glarus for a rousing round of FootGolf at the Argue Ment Golf Course. And, since it’s New Glarus, you’re not about to miss the opportunity to drive into the city for the painted Cows on Parade to see if you can find all 15. But you have to admit that even that short a day trip does leave you a bit concerned because you haven’t checked your tires in a while.

You know just as well as we do that you should pay attention to the condition of your tires. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out at their website, taking care of your tires is a matter of safety and savings: “Poor tire maintenance—not having enough air in your tires and failing to rotate your tires, among other maintenance requirements—can lead to a flat tire, blowout, or the tread coming off your tire. About 200 people die on the road every year as the result of tire-related crashes. … Properly inflating your tires can save you as much as 11 cents per gallon on fuel. … Additional proper tire maintenance, such as rotation, balance and alignment, can help your tires last longer, which will in turn save you money. In fact, properly inflated tires can extend the average life of a tire by 4,700 miles.”

If you’re looking for a place that’ll check your tires in Madison, come to Terry’s Car Care. We’ll make sure your car or truck tires are properly inflated and rotate and balance them for you. If it turns out you need new tires, we can help there, too. We stock all brands of tires – Goodyear, Goodrich, Firestone, Bridgestone, Kumho, Dunlop, Kelly, Michelin, Toyo (well, you get the idea) – as well as all sizes and styles, including eco-friendly green tires and snow tires.

Terry’s is the go-to place in Madison for tire rotation, inflation, balancing and new tires.

Let Terry’s Help You With Those Tiresome Tires!

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