Keep Those Wheels Rolling

Get your tires checked before leaving for vacation.

Summertime is vacation time is travel time when many people like to hop in their cars or trucks and go somewhere. Anywhere, as long as it’s not here. This week and next are particularly good for that. With a holiday on Friday, you can take a week off but only cost yourself four days’ vacation. Or you can take next week off and get six days off for the price of five. Either way, you’re saving a day of vacation you can use later in the year.

Before you get on the road to this weekend’s Riverfront Rendezvous in Stevens Point, you want to make sure your car or truck is roadworthy. You know, check the oil, fluid levels and tires. Terry’s Car Care is a perfect place to do that. Our experienced, certified mechanics will make sure everything is good to go on the road. And, if you need tires, we have a full range of brands, sizes and styles to suit any vehicle or budget. Better yet, we have a way to save you money should you need new tires: Buy a select set of four Goodyear or Dunlop tires and get up to $80 by mail-in rebate. The deal is even better if you use a Goodyear credit card – up to $160 by mail-in rebate. The offer is valid through July 31.

The deal is also good if you’re a staycationer. Even if you’re not going anywhere, it’s wise to make sure your vehicle is in good shape and to replace worn out tires. A flat isn’t fun on the road or around town.

Terry’s Can Help You Save When You Shop For Tires!

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