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Latest Ask A Mechanic Questions and Answers

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I’ve been reading a lot about self-inflating tires. Should I get a set? – Nick, Madison

Self-Inflating tires are a new technology, still in the testing phase. They are only available for limited commercial applications, and only for the purpose of testing, at this time. It is expected this testing period will last approximately 18 months. After which, if the testing is successful, the technology will be available for passenger tires. Under inflation causes poor fuel Continue Reading

A friend told me I should use a different oil in my car during the wintertime. Is that wise? – Name Withheld, Fitchburg

Making sure you keep up with regular oil changes is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car or truck running problem free for miles to come. And an oil change is certainly one of the steps you need to take when readying your car for winter. But unless you’re absolutely diligent about changing your Continue Reading

I heard that the “penny test” is the best way to tell if the tread on my tires is so worn that I need new tires. Is that true? – Anne, Madison

The “penny test” – done by inserting a penny upside down into your tire’s grooves to see how much of Abe Lincoln’s head is exposed – was once the gold standard for drivers. But that’s no longer the case. Especially for cars and trucks that deal with the rain, snow and mud Madison area drivers face. A Consumer Reports test Continue Reading