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You need to find a Madison auto repair shop if you hear a deep, rumbling noise coming from your car. One of the most thrilling sounds on earth is that deep, rumbling VROOM! VROOM! cars make when they’re lined up at the starting pole and drivers are gunning the engine. But that VROOM! isn’t such…
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Is Your Exhaust Exhausted?

If your car is sounding more like an angry lion than a purring kitten, it's time to find a Madison auto repair shop. Lately, your car has sounded more like one of the trucks at this weekend’s Monster Truck Nationals than a well-behaved family car. (The noise also makes it hard to sneak out of…
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That Little Noise Could Be Telling You Something

If it's your muffler, you want to get it taken care of before it becomes a big noise. Lately, you’ve been hearing a deep, throaty grumbling sound from your engine. And it’s getting louder. You’ve also noticed that your car or truck seems to be vibrating a bit more than it used to and that…
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