Car Care Customer Testimonials Madison, Wisconsin, United States

4 stars dougf Verified customer

Good customer service. I was impressed that transmission and oil levels were checked because I was just asking to have a slow leak repaired on a tire. Corresponded life and condition of the tires which was nice. My only complaint is that the price for the repair seemed a little steep. I recently had a flat repaired at Sears for $20 your price was $36.

5 stars shawn dw Verified customer

Watching everyone at Terry’s is a lot like watching a well coached sports team. I come in and the keys get the hand off. While one phone call comes a second call is audibled from Bill to Marcus. The oil change is converted to an alignment and the test drive for a touchdown. Someone needs to pour a large bucket of water on Wil. Thanks again.

5 stars markb Verified customer

As always my car was serviced on time and on budget. Always a pleasure to deal with Terry’s Car Care.

5 stars patrickm Verified customer

Terry’s always provides me with first class service. They are professional in every aspect of their business.