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Is It Time to Retire Your Tires?

Summer is hard on tires, it's time to check them for wear and tear. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve spent at least part of the summer traveling in your car or truck. The trips may have been far away (Miami, anyone?) or closer (a chance to ride on the 1890s-style bicycles and…
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Time for a Tire Check

Terry's Can Save You Money on a Set of Goodyear Tires With Our Rebate Offer. A popular summer road trip for some is this coming weekend’s Hot Air Balloon Festival in Waterford. Not only are there three days of hot air ballooning, there’s also Saturday’s Balloonfest 5K “Morning Launch” Run/Walk (waterford-wi.org/waterford_balloon_fest). But even though Waterford…
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