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The Right Tire for the Right Job | Tires

For the best driving performance, make sure your tires fit your car and driving style in Madison. The real horse power this weekend in Madison is over at the Alliant Center where the Midwest Horse Fair is taking place. If you go and watch any events, you might be interested to see that, while most…
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Baby, It’s NOT Cold Outside | Auto Air Service

Now that it's no longer cold, you can't keep putting off that auto air repair in Madison. Considering the pleasant spring weather we’re having in Madison right now, it might be a bit hard to remember that your car air conditioning went on the blink late last summer. The only reason you didn’t get it…
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Time to Brake for Taxes | Brake Repair

While you're getting your last-minute taxes done, let Terry's Car Care take care of your brake repair, tire repair and other car care needs. This is one of the bad weeks of the year if, for no other reason than it has tax day smack in the middle of it. And, if you’re like most…
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Time to Retire Those Snow Tires | Tires

Now that the temperatures have risen, it's time to change your tires for the spring and summer driving ahead. Spring has truly sprung – all the golf courses in Madison parks are finally open. That’s not only a sign that (most of) the cold weather is behind us until next winter. It’s also a reminder…
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