Fix My Car! : Tires

Make Sure Your Car Can Survive the Trip

The Christmas holidays are almost here. Be sure your car is roadworthy (snow tires, oil change, brake repair, whatever) before setting out to visit friends and family.

With gas prices lower and the overall economy doing better, AAA is predicting a record number of people will...
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Slip and Slide

In Madison, brake repair and tire maintenance help drivers get safely through the winter.

Paul Simon had a hit song many years ago that had this chorus: “Slip slidin’ away, slip slidin’ away, you know the nearer your destination the more you’re slip slidin’ away.”...
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Looking for Gift Ideas?

Fresh out of gift ideas? How about the gift of car care for Madison car and truck owners?

It might not be that Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (price tag $4.5 million) that your honey would love to see in the driveway come Christmas morning, but the Read more

No More Flat Tires?!?!

Self-inflating tires are still in the testing phase, but, like snow tires, they could make your ride safer around Madison.

Recently, Nick wrote in to our “Ask-a-Mechanic” feature to find out more about self-inflating tires. Nick said he’d been hearing about them and wanted to know if he should get a set. Will C. Sparks, owner...
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