Fix My Car! : Tires

No Smoking

If your car or truck is smoking, it's a signal that you need to find an auto repair shop and auto mechanic in Madison. Quickly.

Your car or truck might appear to be just a hunk of metal, plastic and wires – in other words, inanimate – but it does manage to communicate with you. Especially...
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Get a Pre-Winter Charge

AAA recommends you get your battery, tires and other systems checked at a Madison auto repair facility before winter sets in.

With winter just around the corner, AAA says that “seasonal checkups are essential for worry-free driving as weather changes. With the change...
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No Spark in the Engine

Your distributor could be the culprit. Drop by Terry's Car Care, the trusted auto repair and new tire sales shop in Madison, for a diagnosis.

You were headed to the Wisconsin Science Festival this morning when your car refused to start. You waited...
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