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Summer Car Care Time Is Here

Save money and make sure your car or truck is ready for a summer of fun.

Many drivers are taking advantage of the good weather and summer vacations to take their cars or trucks on the road. But whether you’re going to Milwaukee (or even farther) or sticking around Madison for Restaurant Week, you want...
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Car Care Saves on Gas

Terry's is the place to get great car care!

The latest news release (July 14) from AAA (newsroom.aaa.com) notes that “national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.61 per gallon. This price is four cents less than one week ago and five cents less than one month ago.” That’s good news for the...
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Time for a Tire Check

Terry's Can Save You Money on a Set of Goodyear Tires With Our Rebate Offer.

A popular summer road trip for some is this coming weekend’s Hot Air Balloon Festival in Waterford. Not only are there three days of hot air ballooning, there’s also Saturday’s Balloonfest 5K “Morning Launch” Run/Walk (waterford-wi.org/waterford_balloon_fest). But...
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When Your Car or Truck Goes Sideways

It could mean your suspension needs realigning.

When you were driving to the Art Fair on the Square, you noticed that your car or truck seemed to want to pull or drift to one side. And you’ve also noticed recently that your tires seem to be wearing unevenly. Those are two prime indicators that your vehicle...
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