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Keeping Your Car on the Straight and Narrow | Wheel Alignment, Tires

If your car is imitating a crab by trying to go sideways, it’s time to go to a Madison auto repair and tire service expert. Your mind was definitely elsewhere yesterday while you were driving. But the KER-WHUMP! when you hit that curb certainly got your attention. Now your car seems to be tracking sideways,…
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Get Those Wheels Straight

Having your wheels correctly aligned at a Madison auto repair shop will help you cope with slippery winter streets. With freezing rain predicted overnight, the city of Madison was warning drivers to be extra careful on their morning commutes today. “The impact any freezing rain will have on the morning commute will depend upon when…
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Uneven Tire Wear?

Uneven tire wear is a classic sign that you need to see a Madison auto repair shop for a tire or wheel alignment. When you got to work a few weeks ago, you turned a bit too soon and hit the curb as you drove into the parking lot. You didn’t think too much about…
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