Auto Repair Madison, Wisconsin Terry’s Car Care

Here at Terry’s Car Care we offer a wide selection of vehicle services to help you get your car back on the road

  • Vehicle Inspections

    Vehicle Inspections

     We want to do the best possible job helping you maintain your vehicle, the second biggest investment most people make....

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  • Electrical System

    Electrical System

    The diagnosing and trouble shooting of a car’s electrical system can be like herding cats. Today’s cars have electrical systems...

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  • Suspension System

    Suspension System

    Bounce – sway – ride – tire wear – handling – safety all important features of your car or truck’s...

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  • Steering Repair

    Steering Repair

    Turn left, the car goes left; turn right, the car goes right. GREAT! That’s about all the thought we give...

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  • Transmission Service

    Transmission Service

    It’s what makes you go. The transmission takes power from the engine and turns it into motion. Either forward or...

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  • Wheel Alignment

    Wheel Alignment

    At Terry’s Car Care Madison, we carry only the very highest quality wheel alignment equipment, and that means Hunter Alignment...

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  • Radiator Service

    Radiator Service

    Something we don’t often think about is how our cars or trucks stay cool in the summer and warm in...

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  • Tires & Services

    Tires & Services

    The old saying,where the rubber hits the road, means “this is where the work gets done.” Well it can’t be...

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  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes

    Oil changes are a part of any vehicle’s routine maintenance and are an important part in keeping your vehicle running...

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