These Are Not Beautiful Noises

Odd or unusual noises can indicate potentially serious problems with your car or truck.

You’ve occasionally noticed a squealing sound when you apply the brakes on your car or truck. But when you were headed home after a successful shopping expedition at this weekend’s Maxwell Street Days Summer Sidewalk Sale, you heard a more ominous grinding sound. The progression of sound, from squealing to scraping or grinding, is an indication that your brake pads are gone and need replacing. You need to bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care to have our certified technicians take a look and replace the pads if necessary. Not only is it a safety issue, it’s also a way to help prevent more serious problems. Once your brake pads are gone, you have metal scraping against metal – meaning every time you put on the brakes, at least one of your rotors is being damaged, according to

The squealing and scraping are just two of the noises your vehicle can make that, according to bankrate, indicate potentially serious problems and expensive repairs. Other are squealing or chirping on acceleration (could be a loose or slipping belt or misaligned drive pulley), tapping or clicking from the engine (could be an indication of a low oil level), or whining (could be a worn differential or transmission). But whatever, the noise, if it’s out of the ordinary, you need to let Terry’s take a look.

Terry’s Can Help You Silence Those Odd Noises!

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