Don’t Let That Catalytic Converter Slow You Down

A Bad Catalytic Converter Could Impair Acceleration

Car lover? Then this is your weekend. About 1,200 classic rides – think muscle car, pony car, vintage car – will fill the parking lot at Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells for Automotion 2014 (May 17-18). The website,, describes the event as having live music and food, a car parade, car corral, swap meet and a special treat on Saturday night when iconic Hollywood cars, including the Batmobile, Kitt and the General Lee, go on display downtown Wisconsin Dells. It’s an event you definitely don’t want to miss.

But will you? Your car or truck has been acting funny lately – not accelerating when you step on the gas and a drop in fuel efficiency. Not to mention that the pesky check engine light has come on.

Before you drive the hour or so to Automotion, you want to detour by Terry’s Car Care in Madison. It could be your catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter is the part of a car or truck’s exhaust system that helps change toxic pollutants to less toxic compounds in the gases leaving the vehicle. One is found in both gas and diesel engines. The most common reason for a catalytic converter to start acting up, according to, is because it has become clogged. The engine dies because it’s not getting air from the fuel/air mixture. But there are other possible reasons for failure – a damaged cylinder head gasket that allows oil or coolant to leak into the combustion system, for example. Terry’s certified technicians have the tools to analyze the problem and repair it before you have to miss Automotion.

Catalytic converter problems? Terry’s Can Help You with That!

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