Clink, Clang and Vibrate

Those could be the symptoms of a universal joint going bad.

Ever have one of those days at work when it seems like you’ve been transported into the movie Groundhog Day? When things just seem to repeat over and over and over and the weekend never was and never will be? Of course you have; we all have. Then, quitting time rolls around and you think you’re going to have some relief from the stress (at least until the next morning), but you find out you’re wrong. Your first clue was the clanging or banging sound your car or truck made when you put it into gear. It didn’t help to feel vibrations under the floorboards when you were driving.

Those are symptoms indicating that your u-joint – universal joint – could be going bad. The u-joint is responsible for joining the drive shaft to the gear box. As says, “This makes it a very valuable part and a part that does not need to be ignored when it starts failing.”

But not to worry. Terry’s Car Care is here. Our certified technicians can take care of that u-joint problem in no time. But don’t wait to get it fixed. If it breaks, you’re not going anywhere. That’s bad enough. But you don’t want to take the chance it’s going to break while you’re driving somewhere, like the Madison International Speedway to see the Roto Rooter Legends.

Terry’s Car Care in Madison Will Help You With That U-Joint!

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