Keep Things Cool All Summer Long

Make sure your car or truck stays cool with our coupon for a free air conditioning check.

It’s cream puff time of year again!!! That’s right, the Wisconsin State Fair has opened its gates and will run until Aug. 10. The temperature should be perfect – in the low to mid 80s for the next few days, according to the Weather Channel. Perfect for a day trip to West Allis for a cream puff. Oh, heck, for lots of cream puffs. After all, they’re only around once a year.

But you might notice on your drive to or from the fair that your car or truck air conditioner seems a bit, well, off. Maybe the airflow is a bit weak. Or maybe it smells funny. Or started out cold but then blew progressively warmer air. None of that sounds good, but Terry’s Car Care will check out your air conditioning system for free (with the coupon you can find here). Our experienced, certified mechanics will run a five-point test that includes measuring vent temperature, looking for leaks and inspecting hoses, compressor clutches and such to make sure they’re in good operating shape.

You may be wondering whether you should take us up on this free offer if your car or truck air conditioner seems to be fine. Well, yes, you should. It just makes sense to check things out now to help head off any problems later. It’s just all part of good vehicle maintenance. But you need to do it before Aug. 31 when our coupon expires. Besides, it’s free.

Let Terry’s Help Keep You Cool All Summer Long!

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