Is Your Engine Screeching Rather Than Purring?

Sounds Like You Need to Check Your Fan Belt.

So you were getting ready to leave the “Duck Pond” last night after the Mallards defeated the Growlers but when you started it, your engine began squealing like an angry gerbil. The noise stopped pretty quickly but it came back this morning when you were on your way to work. Sounds like it’s time to stop by Terry’s Car Care and have us check out your fan belt, that band that turns the fan that helps cool the radiator. Other belts in the engine help other components, like your air conditioning, power steering and water pump, operate. The number of belts your engine has depends on the age of your vehicle. Newer models tend to have one belt that controls everything.

But whether you have one or more belts, they can wear out or even break, leaving you stuck on the road. Even if that doesn’t happen, reminds that failing to replace a worn or faulty belt can cause more serious engine damage. So bring your car or truck – gas powered, diesel, hybrid, or electric – to Terry’s to let us check out that noise. We can replace your fan belt in no time.

Terry’s Can Help You With That Fan Belt!

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