Engine Temperature Rising?

Might be a broken water pump.

You’re returning from a visit to the University of Wisconsin’s Geology Museum where your kids got a sugar-coated science lesson when you think you hear a “pinging” sound from your engine. As you wonder if you’re experiencing auditory hallucinations, you see your car or truck temperature gauge is rising faster than the temperature outside. Sounds like it could be your water pump. That’s the gadget that keeps your engine cool by circulating water from the radiator throughout the engine system.

A broken water pump is a not unusual happening for cars and trucks, old and fairly new. As autohub360.com explains, “Water pumps have seals and impellers that get worn over time.  If the shaft seal of the water pump is compromised, then coolant will begin to leak out.  If the impellers become broken or eroded, coolant cannot be properly pumped through the engine. This is a common occurrence in late model cars, as the impellers are plastic and can break more easily.”

Autohub also makes the point that a broken water pump needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent extensive and expensive damage to your engine. That’s where Terry’s Car Care comes in. Our certified technicians have the experience and know-how to repair or replace that water pump and get you going again.

Let Terry’s Help You Keep Your Car Or Truck Engine Cool This Summer!

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