Hard Starting Your Car? Truck Engine Losing Power?

Hmmm. Sounds like your ignition coil.

You’d planned to start the day with an hour or so over at the Vitense Golfland driving range. But you spent more time than you planned trying to improve that slice, which made you late for work. Then, you had trouble starting your car. Although it started, the whole way to work, it misfired, jerked and just didn’t have the power necessary to get enough speed to make up for the time lost at golf. You probably should have stopped by Terry’s Car Care to let us take a look at the ignition coil. That’s the gizmo in a car or truck’s starting system that provides the power to the spark plugs to get the engine going. Sometimes the connections get corroded, or sometimes it just wears out. But if you don’t take care of it, you run the risk that your vehicle won’t start – period – or you end up with a major repair down the line.

Bring Your Car or Truck to Terry’s Where We Can Help With That Ignition Coil!

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