The Heat Is On

Terry’s Car Care is offering a free checkup of your car air conditioner in Madison. We also service hybrids in Madison and do car repairs on all vehicles.

After a long, cold winter, most of us welcome that first blast of summer heat. But now, in the dog days of summer, that hot weather is getting a bit old and sweaty for some of us. If that’s you, the Weather Channel has some good news for you. Today is predicted to be overcast, bringing the hottest temperature of the day down into the high 70s. Just perfect for biking or hiking the Badger Trail.

It’s also a perfect time to bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care to check your car air conditioning to make sure it’s okay for the rest of the summer. Remember, it’s not going to be overcast for long. Temperatures are expected to climb again over the weekend. But temperature and good car care aren’t the only reasons to bring your car or truck to Terry’s this month for an air conditioning checkup. For the rest of this month (August), we’re doing a free checkup of your air conditioning system with the coupon you can find here. Our five-point check includes looking for leaks and making sure your condenser and compressor are working at maximum efficiency. If something’s wrong, we also do car repairs and service hybrids in Madison and the surrounding areas.

When You Need Help With Your Car Air Conditioner In Madison, Call Terry’s!

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