One Key to Getting Started Is Your Ignition Switch

If your car or truck won’t start, it could be a broken ignition switch.

Oh, the irony of life! You had a horrible week at work – one of those when the five days seemed to drag on for five years. So you were really looking forward to the weekend and finding ways to have a good time and forget the past week. And the Cars on State Classic Car Show seemed like a perfect idea. Now the problem is, your car won’t start so you can’t go to a car show.

And, unfortunately, if it’s not a dead battery, it could be any of several reasons your car or truck won’t budge. After all, almost anything that can go wrong with an engine can ultimately result in an inert vehicle.

Let’s start at the beginning, with your ignition switch. The ignition switch has two parts, according to One is the part in which you stick your key. The other is the switch that turns everything on. To make it more complicated, many modern cars have sensors in the tumbler portion where the key goes. If the sensor doesn’t recognize your key, your car or truck is just going to sit there. That’s one possible problem if the ultimate issue is a broken ignition. Others could include a worn out key, accumulated dirt and broken connections.

The best thing for you to do is call Terry’s Car Care and have our experienced, certified technicians take a look and repair whatever’s broken.

Terry’s Car Care Can Help You Get Your Vehicle Started Again!

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