Not Music to Your Ears

Unusual noises from your car or truck engine need to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent major damage.

If you’re getting ready for a day – or weekend – trip to Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, you’re looking to hear country music, not sinister sounds from under the hood of your car or truck. We say sinister because they can indicate something really seriously wrong with your vehicle. Much as you might like to, you shouldn’t ignore them. As points out about thumping, banging, clicking and squealing noises: “If any suddenly becomes part of your everyday driving experience, it’s time to take action.… Delay can provide the time for a problem to worsen, and that usually translates into a bigger and more expensive repair.”

Six of the noises bankrate suggests you listen for: “Any sound when turning a corner. Clunking when braking. Flapping. Grinding manual transmission when shifting. Hissing or sizzling under the hood. Knocking from the engine compartment.” Possible culprits for these include leaks, overheating, loose or broken belt, brake problems, steering linkage issues, or a failing clutch.

Whatever the cause, you need to bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care when you hear any of these noises. Our experienced, certified technicians can tell if it’s a minor issue or a major repair. Either way, we can get you back on the road to listening to more melodious sounds.

Terry’s Can Help You Silence Those Clunks, Thunks and Thumps!

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