Not Purring Like a Kitten

If your car or truck is roaring like a tiger, you could have major problems.

With all the various noises at the Dane County Fair this weekend, you might think that roaring is merely a commentary from one of the Royal Bengal or Siberian tigers in Bruno’s Tiger Show. If that’s what it is, that’s good for you. But if it’s coming from your car or truck, you could be in for real trouble. Because the roaring, if it increases with acceleration, could be a sign that your exhaust system or transmission could be damaged, according to

That roaring, bankrate says, is just one of many noises that could signal major vehicle problems. A loud bang, for example, could mean the catalytic converter isn’t working right. A low-pitched humming or whirring under the car could any one of several problems ranging from a wheel bearing to the transmission. The same is true of popping or rattling that could indicate an issue with several systems. The real difficulty is, bankrate says, that “the sounds under a vehicle tend to reverberate and echo to the point that it’s impossible for a lay person to determine the source.”

That’s one reason you need to bring your noisy car or truck to Terry’s Car Care to let our experienced, certified technicians listen to what your vehicle is trying to tell you. Once we analyze the problem, we can fix it and have your car or truck purring like a kitten instead of roaring like a tiger.

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