That Shimmy Could Be a Bad Sway Bar

Car or Truck Suddenly Acting Erratic?

You’re driving along thinking of the great day you’ll have exploring the Ice Age National Scenic Trail when you hear a metallic noise. That’s not good. Even worse, your car or truck steering has suddenly become rough and the handling is erratic. Could be you have a broken front sway bar.

A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar or stabilizer, helps a car or truck maintain its stability over rough roads or during fast turns thereby improving the handling of the vehicle. The bar itself connects the left and right wheels. (The front sway bar connects the front wheels and the rear sway bar, the back wheels.) Indications of a broken sway bar include all the above symptoms. It’s not really safe to drive with a broken sway bar, but, if you have to for a short distance, drive very slowly and don’t take any turns quickly. And get to Terry’s Car Care in Madison as soon and as safely  as you can.

Terry’s Certified Auto Technicians Can Help You with That!

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