STOP! Please.

If your brakes are squealing, you need to get them checked out.

Some of your friends got to you when you were in a generous mood and you agreed to be the designated driver for today’s Great Taste of the Midwest, which bills itself as “one of the premier beer festivals in the U.S.” But now you’re having second thoughts. It’s not only that you’re not going to be able to sample any of the 150-plus brews, but you’re also a bit worried about your car or truck brakes. That’s because you hear a “high-pitched screeching” when you press on the pedal. That sound, as J.D. Power explains at, is “a small metal shim, called an indicator, which is giving you an audible warning that you need to replace your brake pads. You should be aware of this sound (which is loud enough to be heard while the windows are up, but not necessarily loud enough to be heard over the radio or air conditioner). If you hear it regularly, quickly make an appointment with your mechanic.”

And, of course, the go-to mechanics to repair brakes in Madison are at Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been in business for more than 45 years and has become known as the place to go in Madison for auto repair, tires and tune-ups. So, when you need new brake pads, stop in at Terry’s.

Let Terry’s Help Keep Your Brakes In Good Stopping Condition!


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