Strut Your Car’s Stuff

When your car or truck stops strutting and starts bouncing, it’s time to have your suspension system inspected.

You’re driving over to Middleton to wander through the fields during this weekend’s Sunflower Days at Pope Farm Conservancy but you’re unable to think about the sea of yellow petals that awaits you because the ride is so uncomfortable. Every teeny weeny bump in the road makes your car or truck bounce like a dribbled basketball.

That bouncing and boinging are signs that you have suspension problems – bad shocks or struts – especially if your vehicle isn’t new. If you think it’s okay to ignore aging struts as long as you’re willing to suffer the discomfort, think again. As explains: “The struts on your car are one among the most important components of your suspension. Properly functioning struts ensure that your vehicle’s ride is comfortable and that it handles corners in a safe secure manner. Worn-out struts can ruin your car’s ride and potentially make driving it unsafe. Your struts should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary.”

When you think you have suspension problems, come to Terry’s Car Care where our certified technicians can take a look at your suspension system to see what’s going on. If your shock absorbers or struts need replacing, we can do that, too. Then you can ride in comfort to see the sunflowers.

Terry’s is the go-to place for auto repair in Madison whether it’s for struts, shocks, or anything else. We’re also know for having a large selection of tires in Madison – all makes, styles and models to fit any vehicle from traditional to diesel to hybrid to electric on trucks, cars and SUVs.

Let Terry’s Help You Solve Your Suspension Problems!

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