Time for an Oil Change

When it’s time to change your oil come to Terry’s Car Care in Madison.

Have you ever wondered why the technicians at Terry’s say that changing your car’s or truck’s oil is so important and should be part of the routine maintenance of your vehicle? The Discovery Channel at curiosity.discovery.com gives four reasons: Oil “lubricates the different parts of the engine, reduces heat, neutralizes acid, and absorbs unwanted dust and water inside the engine.” As Discovery says, “The oil in your car’s engine is most important – more important than gasoline, water, coolant, transmission or brake fluid. … Over time, the heat of the engine breaks down the oil and the oil filter can’t extract any more deposits. If the oil level is low or the oil is too dirty, your engine can be seriously damaged.”

Terry’s, centrally located in Madison, is the place to go for an oil change. Our ASE-certified mechanics can not only change your oil but also set you up on a schedule of regular maintenance. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to get your oil changed and your car or truck checked out. It doesn’t take long, then you can head off to the creepy Snakes Alive! event at the Sequoya Library.

Let Terry’s Help You Keep Your Vehicle In Top Shape With An Oil Change and Regular Maintenance!

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