Trouble Getting into Gear?

Your transmission could need fixing.

You were sitting at a stop light earlier this week thinking about attending this weekend’s National Women’s Music Festival in Middleton. When you pulled away from the light, your car or truck kind of jerked when it shifted from first into second gear. That’s a sign you might want to bring your vehicle to Terry’s Car Care to have its transmission checked out. That’s especially true if you’re seeing other indications that your transmission may be worn – low transmission fluid level, a delay getting into gear, or your check engine light has come on.

The main component of your transmission is the gearbox, which, according to, is designed to convert an engine’s speed into thrust so you’re moved forward. There are two types of vehicle gearboxes – manual, which are the simplest and allow the driver to change the gear by depressing the clutch; and automatic, which automatically chooses and changes to the correct gear without the driver’s help. Clearly, if your transmission isn’t working, your car or truck isn’t going to get you very far.

Terry’s Car Care, We Can Help You With That Transmission!

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