When You Have Trouble Getting Started

It Just Might Be Your Starter Solenoid, Not Your Battery

It’s been a stressful morning at work and all you can think about is getting in your car or truck and heading off to Monona Terrace for T’ai Chi. But it’s not to be. You turn the key in the ignition and … nothing. No clicks. No sound. Nothing.

Your first thought is that it’s your battery. Perhaps. Perhaps not. It could be your starter solenoid. That’s an even likelier possibility if you’ve recently had your battery replaced. A solenoid, according to hubpages.com, is simply a coil of wire wrapped around a hollow non-magnetic core. Its job is to complete the circuit between the starter and the battery. If it breaks, the circuit can’t be completed and your car or truck won’t start.

Time to call Terry’s Car Care where our certified technicians can fix that solenoid and get you started on the road again to inner peace at T’ai Chi.

We Can Help You With That Solenoid At Terry’s.

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