Worn or Damaged Piston Rings?

Time to give Terry’s Car Care a ring!

You have to admit that it’s pretty embarrassing to go to the Dane County Farmers’ Market and have people glare at you because of the amount of white or gray smoke coming out of your car or truck’s exhaust. To top it off, you can’t make a quick getaway because your vehicle just doesn’t seem to have enough power for acceleration. You probably want to use what power you do have to drive over to Terry’s Car Care – at 332 W. Johnson St., we’re not far from the Wednesday market  – and let us take a look. If you’ve also been using a lot of oil, you might have fried piston rings.

The piston rings, according to carsdirect.com, are used to control oil pressure and regulate oil consumption. Worn or damaged rings can cause a lot of other problems and “will require an engine repair.” But here’s the tricky part: The symptoms of worn piston rings can mimic those of other problems with a car or truck’s compression. That’s why you need Terry’s experienced, certified mechanics to evaluate the problem. We can find it and we can fix it.

Let Terry’s Help You With Those Worn Out Piston Rings!

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