The Cold Is Hard on Batteries

Madison’s winter weather can have you searching for an auto repair shop and auto mechanic to get your car started on cold mornings.

As the cold weather sets in, many car owners find to their dismay that their vehicles won’t start in the morning. The culprit could be your battery. Cold weather is hard on car and truck batteries.

Popular Mechanics explains: “The engines are far harder to turn over because all the oil inside them has turned to molasses. This demands much more current from a battery, and to add insult to injury, that battery cannot produce its normal amount of energy because of the cold. The chemical reactions that generate electricity are slower at a lower temperatures.”

Cold weather is also less forgiving if you have a loose battery connection because the poor connection can prevent the battery from fully recharging. And, as Popular Mechanics also points out, “A discharged battery, unlike one that’s fully charged, can freeze, damaging it internally.”

Making sure your battery and the connections are working is one of the many reasons for winterizing your car or truck. The battery and its connections are one of the items on the checklist when the ASE-certified auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care prep a car for winter. If you’re having trouble starting your car or truck, bring it in to Terry’s and have us take a look. If you’re not having trouble, bring it in so we can make sure it’s ready for Madison’s winter. We have a winterization special right now – a $59.95 coupon for a winter maintenance package that usually costs $134.95. And we have two more money-savers: a mail-in rebate for up to $160 on Goodyear tires; a $15 rebate on a Valvoline Synpower oil change.

Terry’s has been the trusted auto repair and new tire sales facility in Madison’s isthmus for more than 46 years. We’ll make sure your car or truck is in top shape to handle the rough winter weather. And we’ll make sure it starts so you don’t miss today’s Veterans Day concert and ceremony at the State Capitol.

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