Had to Get a Jump Start to the Day?

If your car won’t start, it’s time to see if you have a dead battery or if there’s something else wrong with your engine.

Here you are on hump day, looking forward to a three-day holiday weekend, when you get in your car or truck and all you get is clicks when you turn the key. And, like most of us, you kept turning it until you didn’t even get the clicks. Yeah, your battery’s dead. Time to call your neighbor who has jumper cables. Or, if he’s already left for work, time to call AAA or some other car or truck service. And, once you get your car or truck going again, time to drive over to Terry’s Car Care to see if you need a new battery or if it was only a loose cable or other connection. Or, to see if it’s something worse. We can have you fixed up in plenty of time to enjoy tonight’s Jazz at Five concert on State Street or to go swing dancing.

But hang on for a second. While your vehicle is already at Terry’s, you might want to let our ASE-certified mechanics go ahead and change the oil and perform our 87-point inspection as a bit of preventive maintenance, especially if you’re already close to your  regular, scheduled maintenance time. Even if you’re not, this is a holiday weekend and it’s wise to get things checked out now before businesses close down and leave you truly stranded. That’s true whether you’re going on the road or sticking around Madison for one of the many Labor Day weekend events.

Let Terry’s Help You Have A Fun Labor Day Weekend!

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