Clean and Green Transportation Machines

Electric, hybrid or traditional; cars, trucks, SUVs; Terry’s cares for them all.

In case you haven’t heard, the University of Wisconsin is one of four schools across the country chosen to take part in a project on sustainable transportation in the form of electric cars. The project is sponsored by (what else?) two electric car companies, Innova UEV and Internet2, according to the student newspaper, the Badger Herald. The project, which not be open to the public, will involve giving students access to small electric vehicles. Suman Banerjee, associate professor in the UW Computer Science Department and the project’s director, is quoted as saying the goal is twofold: Evaluate aspects of electric car usage on a campus-wide scale and monitor trends in the use of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the campus and Madison. It’s part of a larger study on sustainable transportation.

Sustainable, fuel-efficient, non-polluting transportation is becoming more and more popular, but sometimes people are reluctant to try it out because they don’t know where (other than a dealership) they can find a technician to care for the vehicle. Terry’s Car Care is the place to go. We have technicians certified to care not only for traditional cars and trucks but also hybrid cars and electric cars. So for maintenance and repairs on green vehicles, you don’t have to go very far.

Let Terry’s Help You Care For Your Hybrid, Electric, Or Traditional Cars And Trucks!

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