Green Car – No Problem!

We care for hybrids, diesels and electrics as well as traditional gas-powered vehicles.

One of the activities you’ve been promising to do with the kids before school goes back in session is a trip to the MacKenzie Center in Poynette. Other than being a fun place, it’s a good way to teach kids to start appreciating the environment. Of course, you may have already started teaching them by setting an example, like recycling. You may also be teaching them to be environmentally and fiscally wise by providing regular care for your car or truck, which includes regular oil changes. Or, perhaps you’ve gone a step further and have bought a hybrid car or truck.

But as you know, you still have to maintain them. As says, “Since hybrids have the components of a regular gas engine along with their electric aspects, they do require the same routine maintenance as any other gas vehicle. This includes the changing of air filters and oil.” The website goes on to recommend that you take your hybrid to a specialist: “If your car is a hybrid, it’s advisable to go to a hybrid car specialist, as he knows exactly what to do with your car, unlike the average repair shop mechanic.”

That’s why you should go to Terry’s Car Care. One of our master mechanics, Jack McDermott, is hybrid certified as well as being an ASE-certified master technician and advanced level specialist. Jack’s just one of our highly trained, experienced technicians. And, if you come to Terry’s for an oil change in Madison, WI, you can be sure we also care for the environment. We recycle used engine oil, used engine oil filters, used transmission oil, used differential oil, used transfer case oil, used engine coolant, used batteries, used tires, used air conditioning refrigerant, and mixed paper and plastics as well.

So if you’re looking for an oil change for a hybrid, diesel or gas-powered vehicle in Madison, come to Terry’s. We’re the go-to mechanics for car repairs and car maintenance in Madison.

Let Terry’s Help You Keep That Hybrid Running Smoothly!

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